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Imagine creating light vith salt and water,an environment-friendly and no pollution way,and you can get light wherever you go. A great invention for lighting in 2018.

Creating your lights on salt and water

             Saltwater lamp use ABS material in appearance, it won't deformed and melt, the fuselage is tough to resist cold, pressure and drop .It is designed with round corner, so people won't be hurt when knocked.


 Prodct name  Brine portable light
 Color  Black Orange, Army Green
 Size  20*9.3*9.3cm
 Net weight  500g
 Gross weight  700g 
 Lighting  350lumers
 Power  25-30Ah
 Output  5V voltage, 1-2A current, USB interface



      It is so light that easy to carry and designed environmental friendly without consumption, because 
of Salt water power generation and no needs to charge. It produces electric power by consuming 
aluminum and salt water, The electric power can be regenerated by changing new aluminum sheets 
and salt water when the electric power is used up. 

         As Portable generator, it has large electric capacity and lasting to charge. It can supply power for 

7 hours light or 2 telephones. Each time the aluminum has replacement, it can supply power for

60 telephones, let you stay away from charging troubles.

       Especially suitable for outdoor activities, sudden blackout, long-term business trip, power shortage 

areas and emergency power supply for natural hazards.

How to use:

1.Release the plastic fasteners, remove the upper half. Insert four aluminum sheets into the socket sinside the upper half.

2.Add one spoon of salt into each of the four chambers respectively. Don’t let the salt water level exceed the red line.

3.Put back the upper half, fasten the plastic fasteners, and make the salt dissolve by shaking.The indicator light will brightens up during shaking.)

4.Press the power button, the indicator light changes to twinkle, and press the reset button.

5.Rotate the brightness control knod to adjust the brightness. The USB port can supply power for the telephones.

6.Please wash the product after use. Remove the upper half, pull out the used salt water and residue, pull in some water and shake, then repeat the process for 2-3 times. 


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